Difrent Rental Disclaimer | Difrent Rental

Rental offered by Difrent Rental, Australian Company Number 624 271 469, Australian Credit Licence 506892 (Difrent Rental) to approved applicants only and is then subject to terms and conditions (available on this website).
+ To be eligible for the $100 price promise, the consumer must demonstrate to Difrent Rental:
  • That an item of consumer electronic goods valued at $100 or more is available from an alternative rental provider for a total rental contract value that is less than the price that would be charged by Difrent Rental for the same item
  • That the consumer has been approved to rent the goods by the alternative rental provider  
  • That the rental contract values being compared are for the same contract length 
  • That the rights of early termination, and associated charges, offered by the alternative rental provider are materially similar to those of Difrent Rental
  • That the rental application to Difrent Rental has been made by the consumer in good faith 
In the event that a consumer requests Difrent Rental’s price promise and meets the above criteria but Difrent Rental does not approve the customer for its rental services in accordance with its terms and conditions, Difrent Rental will not provide the customer with a rental arrangement but will still provide the $100, as promised.
^ Goods must: 
  • Be advertised online by an Australian retailer that:
    • is willing and able to facilitate sale of the goods to Difrent Rental and supply of the goods to the consumer; and
    • delivers to the consumer’s residential address; or 
    • is located at an address that the consumer, subject to being approved by Difrent Rental, could reasonably (in Difrent Rental’s sole judgement) attend to collect the goods.
  • Be in stock with the retailer that will be supplying the goods, or otherwise be able to be supplied by the retailer to the consumer within 30 days of the consumer applying for rental
  • Be approved for rental by Difrent Rental at its sole discretion. Difrent Rental rents I.T. products, A/V goods and appliances but retains the right to not rent any particular item to an approved customer, for any reason whatsoever
  • Have a retail value of at least $100 individually and of at least $200 in combination
  • Be new, in factory condition and original packaging
Should there be multiple retailers that meet the above conditions for particular goods, Difrent Rental, at its absolute discretion, will have the right to arrange for goods to be supplied by the retailer of its choice.
~ Goods rented on a 24 month rental agreement can be terminated for no fee after the equivalent of 3 month’s rent has been paid for that item of goods. Goods rented on a 36 month rental agreement can be terminated for no fee after the equivalent of 6 month’s rent has been paid for that item of goods. 
Refer to section 13 of the Difrent Rental terms and conditions for further information. 
Any goods rented by the consumer following the termination of previous items shall be treated as a new rental contract.
¥ Based on goods being rented on a 24 month Difrent Rental contract.

* Based on goods being rented on a 36 month Difrent Rental contract.

The published savings assume the goods are rented for their full term and are based on the total amount payable over that time.In cases where the other rental provider only offer the goods on a 12 month contract term, the published savings reflect the difference between the amount payable under a Difrent Rental 24 month contract and the amount payable under the other rental provider's 12 month contract.

The published savings do not include delivery fees that may apply to certain locations and do not reflect the value of any other features that may be available under Difrent Rental’s and/or other providers’ rental contracts.Other rental providers’ pricing are obtained from the relevant other rental providers’ websites and are updated each weekday between 8:00am and 10:00am (NSW time). Changes in those prices that occur after 10:00am each weekday, or on weekends or Public Holidays, may not be reflected in the price comparisons until 10:00am the following weekday or business day.Product images are for illustration purposes only.

# All references to “Radio Rentals” are to the business trading under that name, operated by Thorn Group Australia, in all states other than South Australia.  The references in no way relate to the business trading as “Radio Rentals” in South Australia, which operates under separate ownership to the business operated by Thorn Group Australia.