SUBLINE500UW Single Bowl Sink

$11.00a week
on a 36 month plan

  • Price guarantee
  • Service cover
  • 24 or 36 month plan
  • Engineered and made in Germany
  • Corner radius: 10mm
  • Bowl capacity: 38 Litres
  • Standard inclusion: designer waste
  • Integrated Overflow
  • Features a unique patented hygiene protection formula that creates an antibacterial finish on the surface
  • Provides a composite sink which is exceptionally easier to care for than ever before
  • Holds nine exclusive patents for Silgranitâ„¢ PuraDurâ„¢, which makes this material the only one of its kind in the world
  • Unbeatably resiliant, extremely durable, scratch resistant, heat resistant, unbreakable and acid resistant
  • Design impreses with its timeless, straight lined bowl geometry which will suit all types of kitchen products and worktops
  • Due to the smallest possible radii of 10mm it allows for a large sink area and a modern classy look