7716500255 Tronic 400L 3.6kw Electric Hot Water System

$19.70a week
on a 36 month plan

  • Price guarantee
  • Service cover
  • 24 or 36 month plan
  • ● Easy and fast like-for-like replacement
    ● Leading 2 year parts and labour, 10 year tank warranty
    ● Each tank is individually tested to Bosch’s high quality standards for reliability, performance and safety
    ● Models with a capacity of 250 litres or more suit connection to off-peak tariffs for reduced running costs
    ● Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation
    ● Plumbing connections on both sides of tank for flexible and even easier installation
    ● Durable, long life vitreous enamel lined steel tank suits all water types
    ● Specially designed dual layer polyester outer coating protects against UV and salt corrosion
    ● Thick, high quality insulating foam for improved energy efficiency
    ● Thicker anode extends tank life
    ● Thermostatically controlled preset temperature with thermal safety cut-off