ECO310R Icona Pump Espresso Coffee Machine

$3.45a week
on a 36 month plan

  • Price guarantee
  • Service cover
  • 24 or 36 month plan

For coffee aficionados, this Icona Pump Espresso Coffee Machine is here to brew up your morning espresso or cappuccino, and help you feel ready to face the day. When you rent this stylish coffee machine from Difrent, you’ll get full-time access to a patented manual cappuccino system that creates a thicker and foamier cappuccino, sure to gently ease you awake with its creaminess.

This modern espresso machine allows you to choose between 1 or 2 shots of espresso, for when you really need that extra kick. It has a stainless steel boiler and dual thermostats, to make your drink super-fast and to the optimum temperature, whilst the 3-in-1 filter allows you to customise it according to your preferences – because the perfect coffee means something different to everyone. Not only does it create the best cappuccinos and espressos, it also looks great too, and will brighten up your kitchen countertop.

Brew Italian-style coffee from the comfort of your home by renting this Icona Pump Expresso Coffee Machine from Difrent today. We offer you the best rental price, guaranteed, and full service cover for the duration of your rental contract.