STSLIM1A Supertub

$5.35a week
on a 36 month plan

  • Price guarantee
  • Service cover
  • 24 or 36 month plan
  • S trap to prevent drain odours
  • Washing machine hose tap connections
  • Side apertures for washing machine hoses
  • Satin finish powder-coated galvanised steel cabinet
  • Adjustable rubber feet
  • Seamless stainless steel bowl
  • Spacious single door
  • Seamless stainless steel tub
  • Powder coated galvanized steel cabinet
  • Modern styling
  • Side apertures for hoses
  • Supporting levelling feet
  • Separate waste pipe for washing machine
  • Improved plumbing components

  • Benefits:
  • Easy organization and storage in the laundry
  • Left or right option
  • Long lasting and easy to clean
  • Corrosion resistant for long life
  • Compliments leading brands of washing machines
  • Finger touch control of water flow
  • Ensure stability on uneven surfaces
  • Allows a tap less console, giving a cleaner, more aesthetic appearance
  • Allows washing machine to empty when tub is full