Why Renting is Better

Why rent?

Renting offers an alternative to buying an appliance, home entertainment or mobile technology item outright and upfront. For example, you may need a product urgently, but you don’t have enough spare cash to purchase it right now. Or perhaps you are looking to re-establish your credit history after some bumps in the road previously. In such case renting an appliance can be an option, instead of using a credit card. In some circumstances, Difrent does accept applications from customers who have some bad credit in the past.

why renting is better than buying - Difrent will asssess your case even if you have bad credit


Why rent from Difrent?

There are many reasons to rent tech items, entertainment products and appliances from Difrent. We offer:

  • Easy rental process

    Simply fill out our straightforward application form, and if you’re approved, you can choose the products you want to rent, return your signed contract with the first payment, and pick up your items (or have them delivered to your home).

  • Choose anything

    Difrent offers an almost unlimited choice of products – if you can buy it online Australia, you can probably rent it from us.

  • Flexible payment plans

    We offer a choice of 24-month or 36-month contracts, to suit your individual needs.

  • Everyone welcome

    We will consider rental applications from customers in all circumstances, including those who are unemployed, on benefits, on a low income, or who may have had some issues in their credit history. While we don’t have a “no credit check” policy, every application is assessed individually and we are always absolutely transparent with our applicants about our application and approval process.

  • Responsible renting

    We make sure we only rent you what you can afford. Don’t worry – you can still apply to rent if you have poor credit, and we’ll discuss your application with you before making an assessment decision.

  • Ongoing support

All our appliance and technology rentals come with full service cover, so you have complete peace of mind in the event of a manufacturing fault or breakdown.



I’ve found the item I want, but it isn’t on your website. Can I still rent it?

Yes, almost certainly. You can rent almost any home appliance, technology or entertainment product from us, as long as it’s over $200, available to buy online in Australia, and can be delivered to your home address. Get in touch with us today for a quote.


Are all your appliances new?

Yes, Difrent only rents brand new appliances, so you can be sure that your item will arrive in perfect condition, direct from the retailer. This includes our laptop, phone and TV rentals, so you can always have the latest technology.


What if I have a bad credit history?

If you have a bad credit history, this does not necessarily mean that you can’t rent from Difrent. Difrent assesses each application individually, and we will discuss with you the circumstances of any prior bad credit to see whether we can rent to you now. We may agree to rent to people who have had some bad credit in the past. It is often still possible for you to rent a phone, appliance, home entertainment or technology item even if you’ve had some bad credit in the past. [these 2 sentences now basically say the same thing, could delete one unless there are SEO benefits of being there twice]


Does Difrent offer no credit check rentals?

No, Difrent does not offer no credit check rentals. However, we do sometimes offer rental to customers who have had some bad credit in the past. All applications are assessed individually, and even if you’ve had bad credit in the past, it does not necessarily mean that you can’t rent from Difrent now. If you have a poor credit history, we will discuss with you the circumstances that led to it, so that we can fully understand the situation prior to making an assessment decision.


Why don’t you offer appliance rentals with no credit check?

We need to run a credit check to make sure renting is a suitable option for you, but will always discuss with you whatever it is that listed on your credit file so that we can fully understand the circumstances. [You should be wary of companies offering ‘no credit check’ rental as they may be looking to take advantage of you by illegally renting you something you can’t afford, then charging high late payment fees.] I would prefer to delete the sentence in square brackets, if you really want it there for the opportunity to repeat the term “no credit check” I can have a go at re-working.